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UD2-J support page


If you bought your UD2-J before 02/03/2023 and you are using Simhub version 8.2.3 and above you ll need to do a firmware update to the unit in order to use the native Simhub support.

Follow the steps below to update your UD2 firmware,

Close Simhub,


Download Unzip and run the pro micro app here,


 Download the UD2 hex file here,


Select the UD2 com port and load the UD2.hex file,

Upload it,

Close the utility,

Unplug and plug again the UD2, 

Run simhub,

Remove the generic display and all other devices and add the native UD2,

Should be good το go.



Please install the display driver before plugging in the UD2-J dashboard,


You can download the driver here.

UD2-J is compatible with:


You can find the Simhub software manual here,

Optimised Simhub All in one dash from Tom "Falken1" Coombs.



you can find the Z1 software manual here.