Simucube wheel side wireless BLE button plate module

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The Simucube Wireless Wheel System (a.k.a. SWW) enables users to connect sim wheels wirelessly to the Simucube force feedback controller. The sim wheel buttons and incremental encoders are connected to a wireless button plate logic module, which communicates with Simucube force feedback controller’s wireless adapter wirelessly. The Simucube controller in turn communicates these button and encoder state changes via USB to the user’s PC.

  • Button plate manufacturers integrate the button plate wireless module in their designs simply by plugging the module to their PCB connector board and configuring the module with provided button plate configuration tool.
  • Customers connect the wireless button plate to their Simucube device by simply pressing both paddle shifters simultaneously.
  • The SimuCUBE 1 version needs an add-on receiver board (Simucube Wireless Adapter, sold separately) to interface with these wireless button plate transmitter modules.
  • The Simucube 2 Wheel Bases have this receiver module embedded in their design

Please note that this module requires an external antenna.