STD20-WD Wired sim racing steering wheel.

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Introdusing the SimCore STD20-WD,

Our standalone wired steering wheel button box,

Real carbon fiber front plate and CNC machined aluminium anodized back case,

Offers 10 buttons, 2 encoders, or 1 encoder and a 7 way funky switch,

and our multi adjustable CNC machined magnetic paddle shifters with carbon fiber paddles.

Its comatible with most popular steering wheels including, Sparco P310, Momo Mod30, OMP superquadro, OMP Kubic, Turn R20 and many more.

Every Button style, button color, guard color, encoder knobs or funky switch knobs together with labels text and color can be customized without any additional cost.

Top quality buttons available to choose include Otto P9, and Apem.

All guards and knobs are made out of CNC machined and anodized aluminium and available in a large pallette of colors. 

Box can be configured with either two double duty encoders or one double duty encoder and 1 funky switch,

After configuration box is ready to ship within 10 working days.